1966 Fiat 1500


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French title Engine # : 11500/100947 - Unique and perfect for concours d'élégance events - Elegant barchetta for sunny outings - Superb original condition Ghia was the first Italian coachbuilder to undertake the production of small series special models, from the 1930s. The Ghia 1500 GT coupé appeared in 1964 presented at the Turin Motor Show. Ghia, who owned 50% of the production factory Osi, had two assembly lines to build the cars and a third for painting. All the mechanical elements including the 1500cc engine come from Fiat on this car. The chassis was designed by gilberto Colombo and made by Gilco same company that used Ferrari and the body was engineered at the Turin wind tunnel. The design was made by Sergio Sartorelli, helped by Sapino. The design came from the asymetric models from Virgil Exner era like on the Chrysler St Regis also design by Sartorelli with its Grill/Bumper style. A very elegant cabriolet, the Ghia 450 SS fitted with a Chrysler V8 and restyled by Giugiaro became available after that Segre, the director passed away and Sartorelli left the factory. The model on offer is unique and features a type of " barchetta " body called " Avenger ", as indicated on the registration document. It has 70,000 km on the odometer and is presented in exceptionally original condition. It was sold by France Motors of 166 Avenue de Neuilly in Neuilly sur Seine, the French Ghia representative since the 1950s, who delivered and exhibited the majority of special Ghia models at the Paris Motor Show. We have no information on the name " Avenger ", or the name " Derby " that appears on the grille. This interesting barchetta is certainly a candidate for the ever-growing number of prestigious concours d'élégance events.