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Italian title
Chassis # 31971
Engine No. 00639

- Same owner as the Agnelli Testarossa
- Well maintained, and serviced at the Ferrari factory
- Carburetor model

Strongly attached to the architecture of the engine at front, Enzo Ferrari resolved to install a rear mid engine, not to be outdone by Lamborghini and the Miura. Maserati would follow the same year. In 1971, Ferrari finally unveiled the 365 Berlinetta Boxer (Boxer because of its 12-cylinder flat engine, a legacy from Formula 1). The pure, flowing lines captivated audiences, and Ferrari will continue to make improvements to the model before launching the BB 512 in 1981, its direct descendent. The capacity now amounted to 5 liters, and several changes were made. The front bumper was modified, the Naca air intakes were relocated, the wheels were wider and the rear retouched. The car still kept the personality of the 365. First sold with carburetors, by 1981 it had a fuel injection system, less convincing than the former.

The 512 that we are offering belonged to the same owner as the Ferrari Testarossa Spider and they both come from an estate. This 512 BB was delivered new in 1980 in Italy by the agent Ferrari Sportcar. According to the son, the car was purchased by the current owner from one of his collector friends from Milan in 2003. This gentleman had the car regularly maintained by Mr Pinuccio, an excellent mechanic who ran a dealership of the brand, to which all the local rich clientele, the owners of Ferraris, went for the maintenance of their cars, in the 1970s until the 1990s. The mechanicals have always worked well and it has never been repainted. A significant overhaul was done to the 512 directly by the factory, thanks to the good relations of the last owner with the factory, and one must remember that this kind of service was not the norm then, and was usually reserved for "friends." On the way back, the son remembers that they had been impressed by the improved performance of the car and its better drivability. The handwritten document from Maranello confirming this comes with the car, and is signed by mechanics at the workshop. This stunning 512 BB is just 23,560 kms from new. It will require a complete mechanical overhaul, though it must noted that today the car starts and runs smoothly. Very few of these models are presented with such a low mileage and in such an excellent original condition.