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French title
Chassis # 11589
Engine No. 11589

- Same owner for 23 years
- The second last 330 GTC produced
- Certified by Ferrari Classiche
- No reserve

When the production of the 250 GTL "Lusso" ceased by end-1964, the berlinetta was not replaced. The Lusso was positioned between the 250 GTE 2 + 2 and the 250 GT SWB "street version". In 1965 there was no model between the 330 GT 2 + 2 and 275 GTB berlinetta. Ferrari and Pinin Farina believed in a market for a much more agile model than the 330 2 + 2, yet more flexible and quieter than the 275 GTB. It was the 330 GTC, unveiled for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show in 1966. The front was inspired by the Super America, the rear by the 275 GTS, but the whole design was very homogeneous and of great beauty. The 330 GTC's body was made at Pinin Farina and the finish was particularly neat. This is one of Ferrari's most pleasant car to drive on the road, thanks to its short wheelbase of just 2400mm, the flexibility and power of its 4-liter V12 and overall silence. Paul Frère wrote in the November 19, 1966 issue of the British magazine "Motor": "In its behavior, the 330 GTC is the most neutral car you can find, and if you push it to the limits of adhesion on dry roads, it's rear will slide slowly, in a wonderfully controllable manner and with very few behavioral changes in response to the changes in throttle. I like this discrete final oversteer, far more than the stubborn understeer of the 330 GT. The GTC also has the advantage as compared to the latter, of a less leveraged steering with three locks turn-to-turn. But what impressed me most however, was the behavior of the car and the sharpness it shows to changes in direction, especially in an S where it can be steered precisely like a modern race car... ". There is nothing to add to this quote except that just half as many as the 365 GTB/4s were made, making the 330 GTC a very desirable car that combines the powerful engine of the 330 GT 2 + 2 with the short chassis berlinettas of the time.
The 330 GTC on sale is the second last one produced. According to the report of Marcel Massini, it left the factory in July 1968 in its black livery, black interior, air-conditioning, and was delivered to the authorized dealer Motor Sas di Carla Allegreti in Rome to be sold to a Roman. In February 1970 it was acquired by a Sicilian from Catania. On May 29, 1970, it was sent to the Ferrari Assistenza Clienti for a complete service; the odometer then showed 26,659 km. After a stint in California where it was owned by Ares Pappas, the owner of a Ferrari repair center, it was sold to a French collector in the late 80s, when prices were soaring. With the crash he went bankrupt some years later and sold the car in 1993 to the current owner, a well known figure in the automotive world and an active member of the Automobile Club de France. When he bought the car, it was already red, with black interior. With his wife Nicole, he participated in many rallies including the 60th anniversary Ferrari Rally and the Louis Vuitton Rally from Monaco to Venice. Between 2012 and 2014, the engine was completely redone by Philippe Gardette, the famous brand specialist, based in Clermont-Ferrand. It has also been maintained there since the car's purchase in 1993. On this occasion, the Ferrari Classiche certification was obtained. A big red binder comes with the car. This 330 GTC has numerous qualities: Other than being offered without reserve, the car has remained in the same hands for 23 years and is the second last produced. This model offers enormous driving pleasures and a very well balanced design. Its short wheelbase (2400mm), powered by its musical twelve cylinders, plus its beautiful lines, make it one of the most alluring cars on sale.