1976 Ferrari 308


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Italian title F106A Engine # 021 * 00327 * - Extremely well preserved - Fiberglass version, the rarest and most efficient - Greater appreciation Sold new in Tuscany, this rare Berlinetta 308 GTB "vetroresina" had just one owner till 1983, and then three others that are listed on the Libretto, with a change of registration to Pisa. In 2006, the engine underwent a complete overhaul, with refurbishing of the entire engine compartment. A folder full of photos reflects the work performed. By then the car had covered 67,685 km, when the speedometer was replaced by a new one, which currently shows 9373 km. This car does not require any special care or attention, except for the replacement of the timing belt, probably subject to normal aging, even if the car has not been used much. Well preserved, it was originally equipped with air conditioning and has a Phillips radio cassette player. It is registered with the ASI and its record contains a set of maintenance bills and photos. The interior is good looking, with beige seats with black stripes which have only limited wear on them and a dashboard without any significant fault. In addition to its rarity, since production was limited to just 712 examples, the advantage of a fiberglass version is its weight, which was about 80 kg less than the 308 GTB in steel. This makes for a lighter, quicker and more efficient car.