1962 Ferrari 250


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In the end of 1950’s Enzo Ferrari looks into widening the Ferrari offering in order to increase the production in Maranello to compensate the costs for the Ferrari Racing Team. As the brand had only produced 2 seater cars until this point Enzo decided to develop a 4 seater vehicle to widen the customer base from Ferrari. In Paris Motor Show 1960 the 250 GTE was born. Very elegant Pininfarina design with a 2+2 configuration for added practicality powered by a V12 OHC triple Weber Carburetor an evolution from the project of Gianchino Colombo. At the time this vehicle was the fastest 4 seater car in Existance with 235 CV @ 7000rpm from the 3 liter Engine. The excellence of Grand Touring cars from the period and famous owners include French Actor Jean Paul Belmondo, Livio Berruti, James Cagney and Aristote Onassis offered a 250 GTE to Maria Callas. Enzo Ferrari drives one himself. Ferrari build a total of 954 Cars of which perhaps less than 800 exist in their original body or Engine.

This very elegant Series III example is in perfect running condition and a V12 Ferrari which can be enjoyed with friends and family.