1962 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2


  • Year of manufacture 
  • Car type 
  • Chassis number 
    3903 GT
  • Engine number 
    3903 GT
  • Lot number 
  • Drive 
  • Condition 
  • Exterior brand colour 
    Grigio Note
  • Interior colour 
  • Number of seats 
  • Location
  • Exterior colour 
  • Gearbox 
  • Drivetrain 
  • Fuel type 


French title
Chassis n° 3903 GT
Engine n° 3903 GT

- Superb presentation
- Enviable colour theme
- Matching numbers
- More than 85 000 € in restoration invoices
- Fresh from restoration by Italian specialists

With the development of the 250 engine, Ferrari created a new line of cars that allowed the company to grow significantly. This range was fitted with a 3-litre V12 engine designed by Gioacchino Colombo that proved to be resilient and versatile, capable of being used for both leisure and competition. It was on the 250 that the " GT " suffix first appeared, for Gran Turismo, and this was the engine that would equip the celebrated GTOs that are considered today to be the most iconic sports car in the world. For the road-going versions, the understated PF coupé gave way, in 1960, to a Ferrari that opened up a new avenue: the 250 GTE. Designed by Pinin Farina, it was the marque's first four-seater, with two small rear seats. It was used as a pace car in the 1960 Le Mans 24 Hours before being launched officially at the Paris Motor Show in October. The car was a great success from the outset, with almost a thousand examples being built. This was unheard of for Ferrari. This car, loved by business tycoons, celebrities and film stars alike, was largely responsible for enhancing the reputation of the marque around the world. The 250 GTE has for a long time stayed in the shadow of other, more prestigious members of the 250 family, but in recent years, it has has been given the merit it deserves by collectors who now spend large sums to keep their car in beautiful condition.

This is the case with the 250 GTE on offer, listed at Pininfarina with the number 68266, and which was sold new to a certain Mr Rapner. In 1987, it was in the hands of Mario Salvi, who lived in Rue Roquépine in Paris. However, the car was stolen during this period, as reported in La Vie de l'Auto in February 1988, although it appears to have been tracked down fairly quickly as a Parisian collector bought the car in March 1988. He sold it at the end of the 1990s to the current owner, a serious enthusiast of Italian machines. Having kept the car tucked away in his garage for several years, in 2012 he decided to give the car the restoration it deserved. He turned to well-known Italian specialists to carry out the work. Autofficina Omega of Corrado Patella, were responsible for the mechanical side and running gear, which included a complete engine and gear-box re-build, while Sports Cars garage in Modena, led by Walter Giusti, concentrated on the coachwork and re-assembly. There was also work on the wiring, passenger compartment and dashboard to ensure that the car was beyond reproach. A complete folder of the bills, totalling almost €85,000, is with the file documenting the restoration, and we recommend you look at this.
When this stunning 250 GTE went to be restored it was metallic grey. On removing the dashboard, Walter Gusti discovered what appeared to be the original colour, Grigio Note. A decision was taken to repaint the car in this supremely elegant shade, which it is how it is presented today.
It is rare to find a 250 GTE that has been looked after so well. With the coachwork, interior and even the engine compartment presented impeccably, it will be a delight for an enthusiast who will be able to make use of the two rear seats, a rare occurrence in a Ferrari !