1972 Ferrari 246 'Dino'


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French title - Superbly preserved - Matching numbers, original colour - Interior has beautiful patina The Dino was born from a combination of favorable circumstances and not a planned project at the beginning by Ferrari. Il Commendatore had wanted in the early 1960s to look at models of smaller capacity with a wider reach as he had tried to do with the Mille (which became the ASA 1000), but he was not ready the mid-engine version. It was Sergio Pininfarina who initiated the first project in this direction, with the 206 Dino Berlinetta Speciale unveiling at the Paris Salon of 1965. Then, at the Turin Motor Show in 1966, Pininfarina once again proposed another concept, the Dino Berlinetta GT with a new tubular chassis and a longitudinal located V6 amidship. It was in September 1967 that the almost final version of the Dino 206 GT was unveiled. It took its name from its engine, with Enzo Ferrari wishing to differentiate this car from the V12 Ferraris. It was a tribute to his son Dino, who had participated in the development of double overhead camshaft V6 that powered the single-seater 156 that won the World Championship in 1961 with Phil Hill. Detuned by engineer Aurelio Lampredi, this all aluminum engine found its way under the hood of the GT 206. Soon enough, they decided to do a version which was more suitable for road use. Lampredi therefore developed a cast iron block with a 2.4-liter displacement, an engine that was more flexible than the previous one. Thus equipped with a steel body replacing the aluminum, the Dino 246 GT became Ferrari's first mid-engined road car to sell in volumes, paving the way for a new family whose success has been once again confirmed today with the F430 V8. The Dino we are offering was built in September 1971 and sold new in Italy. It is therefore a Dino Tipo 607 E, which was the third and final series built, and which many believe was the most successful. The car has always remained in its native country when a well known French specialist based in Reims, Franco Lembo, discovered the car in very good original condition. The current owner bought the car from him two years ago, but before that the car was thoroughly overhauled. The car has all the charm of cars that have been well used and stored with care. Painted the original Rosso Chiaro with a beige interior that has beautifully withstood the ravages of time and has a rare patina, this Dino shows 55,776 km on the odo, which is very likely the original mileage. The car is still equipped with its original jack. The Dino 246 GT remains an aesthetic masterpiece. This superb example with matching numbers is therefore a unique opportunity to experience a car that is incredibly well preserved.