1970 Ferrari 246 'Dino'

246 GT L


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French registration

- Rare L version
- Old restoration of good quality
- Properly and regularly maintained

A remarkably successful car, the Dino 246 GT was born from a mid-engine project proposed by Sergio Pininfarina, the Berlinetta Speciale, at the Paris Salon of 1965. After the Dino Berlinetta GT 1966, an almost final version of the Dino 206 GT appeared in September 1967. It was named for its engine: it was a tribute to Dino Ferrari, the son of Laura and Enzo Ferrari, and who had participated in the development of the twin overhead cam V6 that powered the 1961 Ferrari 156 World Championship car. Worked upon by ace engineer Aurelio Lampredi, it was the same all-aluminum engine that found its way into the 206 GT and which will then evolve into the 2.4-liter iron block version, making the powerpack more flexible and usable. With this engine and a steel body, the Dino was named 246 GT. Ferrari's first mid-engined street legal cars, that went on to spawn a family lineage of cars, ultimately culminating in the very successful F430 V8 of today.

Sold new in Switzerland in August 1970 by SAVAF, the Swiss importer based in Geneva, the Dino 246 GT on offer is a 'tipo L ", produced between March 1969 and January 1971, to the extent of just 357 units, before the car moved to the "tipo M" and then the "tipo E", the latter being by far the most successful with 1624 units produced. The car remained in the hands of the same owner between 1978 and 1985, and at that time the odometer showed 84,850 km when it was sold to a Mr. Settler. The car remained with this gentleman till 2009, when he sold it to one of the managing partners at the bank Pictet, in Switzerland. It was from the last gentleman that the current owner acquired the car.
At the end of 1990, the odometer showing 19,229 km, the car received a comprehensive restoration, which lasted till 1993. The restoration entailed the entire car: engine, gearbox, transmission, body, brakes, running gear... A full list is on file and photos reflect the work performed and its quality. The upholstery was redone by √Čtablissement Lupi, in Modena, the car featuring the very desirable Daytona-style upholstery, available only as an option at the period. The car has been regularly serviced by Charles Pozzi, in Levallois, near Paris, the last servicing dates from December 2014. The four Michelin X tires were replaced in 2012, when the odo showed 40,699 kilometers.
The odometer now shows just over 50,000 km and the car is in beautiful condition, with a well aligned body and paint quality that shows only discrete cracks at the side vents of the flanks. The front part of the body was covered with a transparent film to avoid being chipped by flying stones and gravel.
A drive of the car with the owner showed that it drives very well indeed, with an instant cold start, and the engine idling well. The car is still equipped with its original toolkit, with the jack and the mallet used to loosen the butterfly wheels, and it comes accompanied by its original warranty card.
With an immaculate track record since the late 1970s, this rare Dino 246 GT L will bring hundreds of miles of pleasure to the one who will be seduced by the car's fine design and the captivating sound of its mechanicals.