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1926 - DERBY Sport 9 HP

Belgian registration papers
Chassis : 710 HP

Total production not exceeding 300 cars
Chapuis Dornier engine, robust and reliable
Entry ticket for the Vintage Revival Monthléry !

The Derby Automobile Company was founded in 1921 in Courbevoie by the engineer Bertrand Montet. In order to reconvert his factory, which during the war had been devoted to the production of military equipment, he began to build carts that could enter the fiscal category of cycle cars using Harley Davidson engines from American surpluses. But the rusticity of the two-cylinder engine could not satisfy an increasingly demanding clientele and in 1922, the Derby received a Chapuis Dornier engine, then a Scap or Ruby engine for a total production not exceeding 300 units.

The model we present has a singular history because it was exhibited for many years in the collection of Ricardo Manuel Barosa Saragga, in Portugal. Resolutely sporty, this "pointed back" is equipped with the Chapuis Dornier 1093 engine, renowned for its remarkable robustness and reliability. For the record, these engines also equipped the Sénéchal cycle-car which won the Bol d'Or three times in a row in 1924, 1925 and 1926! In very good condition, its bodywork is a two-seater offset that compensates for the narrowness of the cockpit. Equipped with narrow wings and a fairly high ground clearance, the car is very elegant and comes close to the silhouette of an Amilcar CGS, much more exclusive by its price on the market today. Since its purchased in September 2019, just over €20,000 has been invested to get it back on the road with new drums and brake linings, replacement of the wheel spokes, a custom-made tonneau cover and adaptation of the driver's seat for better accessibility. An overhaul of the electrical wiring harness, the manufacture of a footrest and a new dashboard conforming to the original with its AT instruments have brought this endearing car back to life. Close to the "competition" state, this Derby is the ideal cycle-car to join the Vintage Revival of Montlhéry or the Jacques Potherat Trophy with an unusual car and benefiting from an interesting sporting past. The car is accompanied by certificates of authenticity from the Clube Português de automoveis Antigos and from the Caramulo Museum, an establishment recognised as being of public utility.

164 bis, avenue Charles de Gaulle
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