1111 Delahaye 235

235 coach Chapron


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- Very rare model
- Sound car, with beautifully preserved interior
- Beautiful example of French coachbuilding
- No reserve

This Delahaye 235 is definitely a rare example and, under the dust that has accumulated over 40 years of nonuse, the car appears to be complete and sound, with its wire wheels. Nothing has been touched or vandalized, the engine contains its accessories, but the best surprise is the interior: except for a tear in the passenger door and the bottom of the driver's door, the seat leather is well preserved and has a beautiful patina with a manufacturing quality that shows the quality of Henri Chapron. The dashboard instruments look complete with the exception of the radio. The odometer shows 40,618km, and in the trunk, we found the spare wheel, jack and crank.
Jean-Paul Tissot, the president of Delahaye Club and author of the book "Delahaye, la belle carrosserie française" indicated us about the production of this model: "Except for the convertibles and coupes 235 made by Henri Chapron, this coachbuilder produced just 41 sedans of this final production model Delahaye, out of a total production of about 85/86 chassis 235 between 1951 and 1954. Of these 41 sedans, I have counted 33 "factory" sedans, offered by Delahaye directly for sale, like chassis no. 818080, which is on offer."
One must remember that the 235 were the last passenger model produced by Delahaye and that it corresponded to an evolution of the Type 135, with an engine developing 150bhp. This extremely rare sedan is one of the last witnesses amongst the achievements of this great French brand.