1937 Delage D6


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French title
Chassis n ° 50490
Engine no. 61587

- Official AGACI school car at the Montlhéry track
- Unchanged since the 1950s
- Used as a learner for racing drivers
- Mechanical overhaul
- No reserve

The car on offer is well-known amongst enthusiasts. It started its life as a D6-60 coupe and in the mid-1940s it belonged to the carmaker Delahaye. On April 6, 1949, the manufacturer sent a letter to the French Association of automobile racers) proposing to place at their disposal the Delage till the end of October. The letter mentioned a special deposit for novice pilots of the AGACI (association of independent racers). The car was acquired on November 28 of the same year, for the racing drivers school based in Montlhéry. In a bad shape, it received a new two-seater sports body made by René Dhoëdt, a coachbuilder in Paris, which gave the car a new 'career', becoming the training vehicle for a whole generation of racers.
After some years at the legendary Montlhéry autodrome, the ex-AGACI D6 retired to South of France in the early 1960s and it was sold in 1966. Untouched for 37 years, it came out of its garage in 2003, still retaining its 1950 configuration, when an enthusiast bought it, preserving as much as was possible of the original aspects. A complete mechanical overhaul was carried out by the excellent professionals 'Tous les moteurs' in Champigny sur Marne, who also work on all the French state's heritage assets. The current owner has had the single carburetor replaced by a three Solex RAIP 40s. The red leather upholstery was redone, the meters restored and the original AGACI markings redone on the bodywork.
The car will be delivered with a complete file incorporating an original AGACI chain, as well as an original badge that was placed on the grille.
With a history that ran concurrently with the economic development of France, this car is an invaluable part of it. It is a very easy to use car, very efficient because its low weight and its powerful engine. It can be used in historical events and is bound to get noticed.