1983 Croco Croco

Tag Croco 4x4 Amphibie


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Chassis n°

- 135 km from new
- Extraordinary crossing capacities
- Rarity
- No reserve

The amazing Croco ("CROss-COuntry") was designed by CroCo AG, of Kagiswil, a Swiss company belonging to the TAG group, better known for its performance in Formula 1 with the Williams and McLaren teams in particular. Designed for sites that are difficult to access for traditional 4x4s, it has exceptional crossing capacities. It consists of two parts articulated in the center, which are equivalent to four-wheel driving and steering, and it is powered by an NSU Wankel rotary piston engine, light and reliable. The large tires offer flotation capacity for water crossings and the manufacturing quality is up to Swiss standards. This Croco can carry six people and it has proven itself in the most hostile environments. It was only produced in very small quantities, the number of survivors being estimated at less than 50 examples.
Purchased new in France, this Croco was delivered to the Forestry Corps in northern Italy, as evidenced by its green and white hue and the inscription it bears on the front. The organization confirmed its extraordinarily low mileage (135 km, approximately 35 hours of operation from the start), which explains its incredibly well preserved condition, up to the tires marked Croco 1983 and the soft top, impossible to find today. It is approved for road use in Europe with lighting and seat belts and due to its age, it can be registered as a collector car. The mechanics have been serviced and the car is even accompanied by paddles and life jackets. Robust and surprising, this rare Croco can only appeal to fans of unusual vehicles.

For more information and photos: https://www.artcurial.com/fr/lot-1983-tag-croco-4x4-amphibie-no-reserve-3980-88

Photos © Massimiliano Serra