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French registration papers
Chassis No.: 374678

- Very rare right-hand drive option
- Quality restoration
- Ready to hit the road

Introduced in April 1934, Citroën's first Traction Avant was then a "small car" registered in the catalogue as a complement to the 8, 10, 15 Rosalie range. It is then a 7HP, 1,303 cm3 bore-travel 72x80. It still lacks breath and is replaced by the 7B, 9hp of 1,529 cm3 in 78x80. In the meantime an 11hp has arrived in the catalogue powered by a 78x100 engine. Chronologically, the 7 is replaced by the 11AL itself replaced by the 11BL. This is the model that interests us in these pages.
The car presented here is one of the first 11BL manufactured. This one has some interesting attractions and among them, a rare right-hand drive option. This is not an English model but an order available in the French catalogue to meet the demand of customers used to right-hand drive on large luxury cars, or the needs of a disabled person. If the car is very French and built at the factories on the Quai de Javel, it is in Belgium that the great collector and current owner finds this rarity, about 16 years ago. The car discovered was not in good condition but was full. Over the years, the complete restoration of the Traction has been undertaken. The bodywork and mechanics are rebuilt by professionals. The paint is deliberately a little "matt" so as not to appear too bright, and redone in two shades of color as in the past. The driving part is entrusted to Philippe Chauvet, a great mechanic specialising in Traction in the Paris region. A slightly more modern engine is installed to make it easier to drive. It is therefore a rebuilt Perfo that takes place under the hood. The upholstery is redone by a craftsman, keeping as many original elements as possible. Today it is in excellent condition and ready to go on the road. The four pilot wheels are not original but give the car a more modern look. The original solid rims are of course sold with them.

This car will be sold by auction by AGUTTES Auction House, in La Ferté-Vidame, at the Citroën Centenary, France, on July the 21th, 2019.
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