1936 Citroen Rosalie


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French title
Chassis # 285287
Engine No. 468116

- Interesting and unusual body style
- 11 CV engine derived from the Traction Avant
- Complete, in decent condition
- No reserve

When launching the Citroën Traction Avant in 1934, the numerous innovations that it featured would reject some of the traditional Citroën clients. The manufacturer decided to re-launch several models derived from the Rosalie, with separate chassis and rear-wheel drive. These hybrid versions were equipped with a front wheel drive OHV engine in 7 and 11 HP versions. Thus, the 11 AU, like the example on offer, featured the four-cylinder 1.9-liter 46bhp engine from the Traction Avant.

If you question André Trigano on this car, which was found in a junkyard in 1972, he will reply that he never knew if it was a taxi or a private carriage, and that he found a gun without a charger in the car. A mystery that has never been solved... This car features an interesting and unusual coachwork with a separate section for the driver, and two folding seats in the rear compartment. It was repainted and the interior was redone in beige cloth. The chrome is in used condition, the grill and the windshield surrounding chrome require repairs. The strips on the steps seem old and could be original, and the dashboard, which takes the traditional shape from the C4, is complete. With the Traction Avant engine, this Citroen symbolizes the interim between two eras: given that it has a rather unusual body, this car is sure to attract enthusiasts.

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