1929 Citroen p19b

Chenillette Kegresse


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    Convertible / Roadster
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French title
Chassis # 19483

- A rare six-cylinder version, very usable
- A fascinating example of the first all-terrain vehicles
- Good working condition
- No reserve

The great adventure of the Citroën half-tracked vehicle was born from the meeting of André Citroën and Adolphe Kegreisz (simplified to Kégresse), using the patents filed by the latter for transmission by half-racks. These vehicules became famous thanks to the Croisières Citroën in Africa in the early 1920s and in Asia about 10 years later. But these half-tracked vehicles were also used for tourism, for utility and military, and therefore some of them did not participate in the Croisières! We are offering one of those examples here, its rear is a single flatbed.
Purchased in 1980, this half-track vehicle is particularly interesting because it has the six-cylinder 2.5 liters engine from the C6; more powerful than the four-cylinder versions, and more suitable for driving the transmission system. Moreover, this P19 version was considered a fast vehicle, in opposition to the P14, which was heavier and slower. The P19 and the P17 are close enough but differs at first glance with its driving and idler pulleys of different diameters. The car is equipped with a three-speed gearbox. Brakes are equipped with a servo acting on the front wheels and the drive pulleys, the handbrake operates only on the drive pulleys. The number of those half-tracks made remains very low and survivors are rare. This one is restored and is in good condition, and represents a particularly interesting opportunity to acquire one of the most original vehicles in automotive production in the 1920s, a fascinating testimony of the very first attempts at an all-terrain vehicles.

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