1974 Citroen DS

23 I.E. Pallas, an absolute icon


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- 1 of the last delivered Citroen DS
- Extremely impressive restored without looking at expenses
- Originally delivered in Holland
- An absolute icon
- The best driving example of the DS range, being a DS23 with electronique injection and manual gearbox.

Collectors with a preference for English, German or Italian cars will always be able to talk negative about the Citroën DS but deep in their heart they all have a piece of love for this absolute amazing and iconic car. If it isn’t the looks it will be the technique.

The Citroën DS is on both sides an absolute piece of art.

If you are a cutting-edge artist, musician, or entrepreneur in Europe today, you would still do well to drive an immaculate, aerodynamic Citroën DS. Sixty-three years after its introduction at the 1955 Paris Auto Show, the DS (a pun on the French word for Goddess, “De-esse”) still looks surreal.

But amongst the looks, the DS is driving still today as a car which is hard to comprise with any other car!

At the introduction the DS claimed to be the most advanced car in the world and we can only agree, it still is.

Due to the enormous amount of examples which are made the car is very affordable but if the Citroën should have not been the succes when the car was new these cars should have a value nowadays far above a million.

The DS 23 was the ultimate version of the extremely successful DS range. It was the most powerful version and when it was combined with the electronique injection like the car we offer it received another 16 extra horsepower.

So the top of the line was the injected DS 23 Pallas.

Not only the style/design, not only the technique but even the name and the name of the version was carefully choosen.

The Pallas version was named for greek goddess Pallas Athena. Not only the style, the tecniThe DS itself being play on the French word of Goddess – Déesse (to pronounce Dé-esse).


This Citroën is the op of the line. It is a DS23 Pallas I.E. Injection electronique….

It is 1 of the last examples built and the car was newly delivered in Holland.

In Holland the Citroën ID (the cheaper version of the DS) was much more popular. Only 9.173 DS examples have been sold over the years in Holland. And the car we currently offer for sale is 1 of them!

In 1974 the new model for Citroën was already introduced. The so-called CX resulted in the fact that many buyers didn’t want the DS anymore.

This makes this specific DS even more rare!

The car is full with state of the art techniques such as the hydraulic system.

Due to the impressive looks as well as the technical systems, the DS has never been a success for Citroën. The car was expensive to produce.

This Citroën has received an extraordinary restoration. A USB stick with pictures of the restoration is available and gives a very clear overview that the costs have been much higher then the value of the car.


The Citroën is in an exceptional condition. The car displays the unique details beautifully.

Since the restoration the Citroën drove less then 1.000 kilometers so it’s hard to find any signs of use.

The paint is in a beautiful show condition with a very high gloss.

The panel gaps are excellent and inside the doors one can see that the restoration has been carried out by specialists.

All the chrome and aluminium parts have been beautifully restored.

Inside the wheel arches one can feel the thin body.

Actually this Citroën can be best described as in brand new looking condition.


The interior of the Citroën is also in an extremely beautiful condition Every detail is as new.

The dashboard, the gauges, the knobs, the meters, the leather, the inner roof.

The entire interior is absolutely amazing.

If the description of this car is not clear, please take a look at the restoration pictures shown on our website.


Deu to the nut and bolt restoration, this Citroën is also from underneath and in the engine bay in an as-new condition.

The car is period correct restored and all details can be recognized.

The engine compartment is extremely fresh and one can’t find signs of use.

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