1930 Citroen C6


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French title
Chassis # 626577
Engine No. AN10376

- Very beautiful restoration
- Just two owners since 1974
- Finely crafted finish
- No reserve

Launched in 1934, the Traction Avant had the effect of a bombshell in the world of the automobile: its low and slender profile, designed by Flaminio Bertoni, caused a storm and was in sharp contrast to the automobiles of the period, which were higher, rather vertical and less profiled. This shape was possible thanks to its monocoque structure and front-wheel drive configuration, two revolutionary techniques of the time, which also gave the car road handling significantly better than that of the traditional sedans. This model's career lasted over 20 years and it definitively confirmed Citroën's reputation as an innovative and technically avant-gardist manufacturer.

This Traction Avant 11 Light has belonged to André Trigano since February 1983, the previous owner having purchased the car in March 1974. Today, the counter shows just 53,886 km. The car has been fully restored with excellent quality in the workshops of André Trigano: the paint is very beautiful and the sheet metal's finish is neat. The interior is very nice with its grey cloth upholstery, its sheet metal dashboard, its two sun visors, its sleek black steering wheel, its flawless cloth door trim panels and nice headliner. The combination is fully consistent with the original presentation of the model. With its light body, the Traction Avant lost slightly its roomy comfort compared to the "normal" version, but it proved to be a little more efficient: with its 56 bhp "Perfo" engine, it could get to a top speed of about 125 km/h.
This beautiful specimen will meet the expectations of a demanding enthusiast.

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