1931 Citroen C4



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    Convertible / Roadster
  • Chassis number 
    108 538
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Swiss registration papers
Engine number: Type M4 E 5579

Formerly part of André Trigano’s collection
Exceptional restoration
Attractive accessories

It is amazing to see how André Citroën, the last major car maker to become established in France, made his mark so quickly. He created the make in 1919 and took an innovative approach to bring mobility to the French, selling cars which were fully equipped with an electric starter, headlamps and five tyres and which were always attractively styled. The small 10HP model evolved rapidly and the B2, B12 and B14 models soon followed, each showing a marked technical improvement.
America had a strong influence on this passionate businessman, who applied Taylor’s methods to mass production, without forgetting the well-being of his workers. And so we come to 1928, the year of Ravel’s Boléro, when the company introduced the cars most influenced by the United States, the AC 4 and six-cylinder AC 6 (AC standing for André Citroën). They were larger and more powerful models than their predecessors, designed to capture the European market. The AC 4, soon renamed the C4, was available straightaway in a huge range of different versions suitable for all types of use. Going beyond the saloon, family, limousine, convertible and ‘torpédo’ models, Citroën understood the interest of developing a range of goods vehicles and models for use in rural areas, and they flooded the market for many years.
The ‘torpédo’ style of bodywork (named after its linear shape) was still in vogue and it was common to drive an open car; Citroën offered a successful interpretation of this style based on the C4 chassis. The C4 evolved rapidly from year to year, with the C4 III in 1929, the wider C4 F in 1930 and finally the C4 G in 1931. By now it was a true long-distance car, with a 1767cc 10CV engine developing 32bhp and wheels with five bolts covered by a hub cap, a successful model of which 55,788 examples were built. Its classical styling with a straight radiator was perfectly in tune with the times and would not go out of fashion too quickly. The C4 G Torpédo was a large, roomy car, always ready to take to the road.
The model we are presenting is particularly attractive in its dark green livery with black wings and cream hood, matching exactly its original specification, while the red leather bench seats add a touch of distinction to the car as a whole. This C4 G, the most advanced version of the model, displays a special elegance worthy of a car from a far more prestigious manufacturer.
As far as its history is concerned, it may be recalled that this car comes from the Citroën collection built up by André Trigano and partly sold off at Rétromobile in 2016. He had carried out a very good restoration of the car, but its new owner wanted to improve certain aspects of it with the help of some highly reputable specialists in the world of classic cars. The electrical system and dynamo were therefore placed in the expert hands of Wenger, while the cable-operated brakes, front hub bearings, front Houdaille-type suspension and carburettor were entrusted to Christophe Ferrand, who also fitted a wiper motor. The exhaust system was entirely rebuilt and the car also has fresh sparkplugs and a new set of Michelin tyres. It is ready to enjoy some long excursions in an atmosphere reminiscent of the Thirties … Now is the time to dance the Charleston and for your passengers to put on a feather boa; it will be a good while before such a fine C4 G comes on the market again.

This car will be sold during an auction sale organized by AGUTTES Auction House.
It will take place in Paris, at the Espace Champerret, France, on March the 17th, 2019.
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