1926 Citroen B12


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    Convertible / Roadster
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French title
Chassis # 320845

- In correct condition
- Only two owners since 1954
- Limousine body style
- No reserve

In the 1920s, the Citroën models evolved over the years with improvements and the B14, unveiled at the Paris Salon of 1926, was the culmination of the series "Type B". The most visible difference was the flat grille, giving it a more modern look. It also had a bigger engine (1.5 liters), a foot controlled brake operating for all four wheels, improved suspension, a more complete instrumentation on the dashboard (with an oil meter warning about an oil pressure drop). Moreover, with its very affordable price, the commercial success was ensured, with a total production run of some 120,000 units.

For André Trigano, the B14 is a very special model, because at the beginning of World War II, he was part of the exodus out of France in a C4G roadster. When the C4G broke down before Toulouse, the family continued in a B14, which explains the presence of this model in the collection. This car was purchased in 1972 by André Trigano, the previous registration certificate dating from 1954. It is a B14 G, the ultimate version boasting a body whose sharp angles give way to softer lines. With a limousine body having a rear door, it features an older restoration, and the chromes show a state of use, but and the grey fabric upholstery are in good condition. On the dashboard, the instrument counters are slightly chipped and the odometer shows 29,963 km. Full covered rims are shod with new Michelin tires.
With its simple and typical design form the late 1920s, this car is the testimony of a great commercial success of the brand.

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