1938 Citroen B11


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French title
Chassis # 407485
Engine no. 11560597

- A very rare cabriolet by Emile Tonneline
- Reliable and fun to drive
- Ideal for cocours d'elegance

The famous "Traction Avant" cabriolet was launched in 1934 and was built until the end of 1939. It was one of the first projects by Jean Daninos, based on work of Cuinet. If the Traction Avant, manufactured for more than twenty years, is a legend in itself, the cabriolet, with its mythical line, symbolizes the style of the period: a clean profile, perfect balanced between the hood, the cockpit and the rear section, ending with a graceful curve and surmounted by the spare wheel and its retractable seat, with the foldable windshield and hood completely disappearing under the hood cover. 3,900 examples left the Quai de Javel factory including 671 of the Type 11 BL.

The car on offer was coachbuilt by Emile Tonneline, an independent coachbuilder, based near Paris. The specific bodywork components, the four wings, the doors and the grille are all bolted on and the assembly is so well done that one might think it is a special body.These elements were available for the 7 , 11 and 15 with various accessories and hubcaps. The aerodynamic grille and the semi-integrated headlamps recall the American trend of the late 1930s. In all likelihood, only 3 or 4 examples made would still remain. The engine has been replaced with a more powerful 11D and the car comes equipped with "Pilote" wheels. The starter and the battery have recently been replaced (late 2016), but it still requires some basic mechanical work to make it more reliable. The electrical circuit needs to be serviced, as well as the front axle, and the two side windows are cracked. The interior in burgundy leather, reminiscent of the two-tone paint of the body, gives the car a special charm.