1930 Citroen AC


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French title
Chassis # 821165
Engine No. C25476

- Original commercial version
- Attractive car
- Suspended engine
- No reserve

Initially, the new models presented by Citroën at the Paris Motor Show of 1932 used the designation of their fiscal power: 8, 10 and 15 HP. The name Rosalie appeared following a series of records from Yacco in 1931 at the Montlhéry race track. The first car to be called Rosalie was a F C6 single-seater body, which achieved 14 international records. Yacco decided to repeat the experiment and after another campaign with the C6 G, an 8CV was racing on the circuit on March 15, 1933. Called the "Petite Rosalie", it ran for several weeks, till July 27. By then it had covered 300,000 km at an average of 93 km/h! This performance was heavily advertised and it is from this event that this series of Citroëns were given the nickname of Rosalie.
The Rosalie 8CV that we are offering is equipped with an original commercial sedan body with rear access. However, the door is locked out of service, though the hinges remain. The restoration of this car is older and the interior was redone in brown velvet. The dashboard is in a fair condition, but lacks the clock in the instrument panel, and the mileage displayed on the counter totals 61,324 km. This car deserves a beautiful restoration, or at least new door at the rear, which characterized this particular body.

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