1929 Citroen AC


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French title
Chassis # 48261
Engine No. 77487

- Three owners since 1955
- Older restoration on a sound base
- Finely crafted interior
- No reserve

After the B14, Citroën went one step further with the AC4 and AC6, which will follow the simple model names of C4 and C6. On these new models, the American influence appears even more and Citroen does not want to settle only for the French market. The line is more modern with a lower beltline and the mechanicals are also improved: the engine displacement goes up to 1628cc with a crankshaft with three bearings (instead of two) and a cooling system by water pump replaces the old thermosiphon system. As usual at Citroën, the new car will be offered with several body styles, from the classic sedan, the Torpedo to the convertible, with two wheelbase lengths.

This C4 limousine was bought by André Trigano in 1982, while the previous registration certificate dated from 1955 with a registration number from the south of France, in the Drôme region. Consequently, this car just had two owners before finding a new one in the person of our collector. With a counter showing just 33,544 km, the car features an older restoration on a sound basis and features a beautiful interior in fabric, which has been redone and is well preserved. For easier driving in modern traffic, more recent indicators (from the 2CV) were fixed on the rear pillars. This is the C4 in its first version, devoid of bumpers, with a simple finish and the old dashboard featuring a central oval, whose antiquated appearance has a lot of charm.

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