1935 Citroen 7


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French title
Chassis # VF7TDU HZJ78010913

- An upscale Citroën, luxuriously equipped
- Beautiful design, high performance
- One owner from new
- No reserve

The Citroën C6 was a very upscale car, launched in 2005, and went off the catalog by the end of 2012 after a production run of less than 24,000 units. With a sweeping line that reflects the style of the CX, the C6 was powered by V6 engines, both petrol and diesel. It featured Citroen's famous hydropneumatic suspension system in its most advanced iteration, called "hydractive", which gave the car exceptional comfort, along with driving dynamics of the highest level. This was a car that fitted in perfectly with the tradition of the DS and the CX Pallas Prestige.

Andre Trigano acquired this car after winning an election. With a V6 HDi engine developing over 200bhp, this C6 is a "Lineage" version, which featured particularly refined furnishings: in addition to the many standard features, the car has a head-up display, a parking aid at the front and the rear, electrically adjustable front seats (5-axis for the driver and 3-axis for the passenger)... This car is not only firsthand, but it is also beautifully preserved with its metallic paint and upholstery in impeccable beige leather, with the odometer showing only about 60,000 km. In 2007, just 7,600 of the C6s were produced, so it is a fairly rare car, exclusive and has the makings of a potential future collectible.

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