1990 Citroen 2CV



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French title
Chassis No. VF7AZKA00KA356503

- Only 40 km from new!
- Just like brand new
- One owner since origin
- No reserve

This car is exceptional in more ways than one. Firstly, because this 2CV Charleston is like new, not by being restored, but because it has never been driven. It has barely 40 km on the odometer. Secondly, because it has had only one owner since 1990. This 2CV was, in fact, bought by a Citroën dealer who had decided to keep one of the last examples of this mythical French car, at the announcement of the end of production. He purchased it from the factory, with the plan to offer it to his children later. The car was kept through all these years in a garage, sheltered from the abuses of the road and the weather. With reference to the 1930s, it features the famous Delage red color and black, and the seats are covered with Gray fabric with diamond-patterned seams. Constrained by the rule on the use of catalytic converters, the car was registered in December 1992, but never took to the road. In order to maintain the mechanical condition of the car, the engine was regularly drained. Even if it is possible to find today a nice example of the 2CV, this particular one is certainly one of the last chances to ever be able to buy an almost new 2CV, an opportunity to go back in time with this wonderful symbol of the French automobile