1968 Citroen


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French title
Chassis n° 3796718
Engine n° DV 0328021617

- Lovely colour scheme
- Well preserved interior
- Interesting model
- No reserve

Aesthetically and technically, the DS was a triumph but, as part of the Citroën range, it was a long way behind the modest 2 CV, particularly before the introduction of the Ami 6 in 1961. For the Double Chevron marque, it became necessary to offer a more accessible version, to avoid distancing itself from much of its clientèle. This would be the job of the ID which, like its predecessor, adopted a name using letters forming a word phonetically.
The ID first appeared at the Paris Motor Show in 1956 and took on the exact form of its more prestigious sister. It had, however, a less powerful engine and a more limited hydraulic system: the gearbox was entirely mechanical and the steering and brakes lacked assistance, with the small brake button giving way to a more conventional hanging pedal. Inside, the dashboard and level of finish was simplified. Technically less complicated than the DS, the ID appealed for a more everyday use, while still offering the status afforded by the shape of the car. The various changes had not altered its personality.

Recently repainted over a sound base, the ID 19 in the sale offers a correct presentation, in its original colour AC421CO. The interior is in orange fabric, typical of the era for this car, and it appears to be particularly well preserved, with no major sign of wear. The odometer displays 63 280 km and the body seals will need replacing. This car is a lovely example of the DS's little sister.

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