1935 Citroen


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French title
Chassis n° 66561
Engine n° FR00780

- Genuine, rare and exclusive model
- Lovely restoration
- Extremely elegant styling
- No reserve

Even before its appearance at the 1934 Paris Motor Show, the Traction was available in several different body styles, one of the most attractive called by Citroën the " faux-cabriolet ", or two-seater Coupéé. In lieu of a trunk, the car had a spider body at the rear that had enough room for two small people to sit and enjoy the sunshine and...the wind ! Fairly quickly, and due to the perfectly pure styling, the Coupéé became the darling of the Bois de Boulogne and Bagatelle concours d'élégance events, where it was presented by glamorous Parisian women. This was one of the rarest versions of the Traction, with no more than 700 examples built through until 1938.
Apart from its special body, the Coupéé shared the technical elements of the Traction that made it a car ahead of its time: front-wheel drive, monocoque body, " floating " engine, all-round independent suspension with torsion bars, hydraulic brakes and pushrod ohv engine. These features gave the car exceptional road handling allowing it to keep up with automobiles that were more powerful but more traditional: what the Traction lost on the straight, it made up for in the corners.
Today, this is a car particularly appreciated by collectors for its modern design, being easy to use and maintain, with spare parts readily available.

When André Trigano bought this Coupéé, it was not running. Its previous registration, " 12 L 66 " dating from the 1950s, suggests it remained in the same hands for many years. Trigano's team threw themselves into a thorough restoration that involved dismantling, restoring and re-fitting the body. The mechanical elements were completely overhauled, and the coachwork was repainted black to conform to the original and complement its elegant styling. Inside, the upholstery was renewed with red leather and grey piping, and the car presents the first version dashboard featuring a speedometer in the centre. The odometer displays 2 522 km. The chrome work is in good condition and the wheels come with chrome hubcaps. For André Trigano, this is an extremely elegant, feminine car, for which it was said in period that " this was the gift a man gave to his mistress in case of breakup! " The most beautiful models are still surrounded by the best stories.

This genuine Coupéé 7C has the benefit of a mass-produced car making it easy to run and maintain, while offering great exclusivity and rarity. For these reasons and being in such wonderful condition, it is bound to appeal to Citroën collectors or anyone wishing to own one of the most exclusive versions of this great French classic.

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