1934 Citroen


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French title
Chassis # 818537
Engine No. A03608

- Beautifully restored
- Nice choice of colors
- No reserve

The 8, 10 and 15 CV presented at the Paris Salon of 1932 will all soon be called "Rosalie", following the records set by the modified versions and bearing the same name. Rosalie was considered the culmination of the first Citroën period before the Traction Avant. Although it was still based on a separate chassis, the steel body was one step closer to a monocoque structure. The very slightly sloping grille was developed into a curved shape downward, with the famous two chevrons crossing the grille, which appeared in1933 as a reminder of the first activity of Andre Citroen, the manufacture of gears. In the 8 CV version, the Rosalie had a four-cylinder developing 32bhp from 1452cc, which gave the car a 90 km/h top-speed, with the last two gear ratios being synchronized.

This car has been completely restored with the paint completely redone, as well as the inside which was restored with fabric upholstery, with small squares, and the renovated carpets. The dashboard using the same shape as the C4's, is spotless and complete with all its instruments. The windshield can be opened partially to improve ventilation of the cabin, thanks to a knob on the top of the dashboard. With a flawless presentation in its dark green shade and black wings, the car is equipped with a shell trunk and its tail lamps are from the Traction Avant. Tyres are Michelin X. This pretty little car will be perfect for nice drives for its new owner with family and friends.

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