1933 Citroen


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    Convertible / Roadster
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French title
Chassis # 212789

- One of the last C4s
- "Floating" engine
- Sound and complete
- No reserve

Within the collection of Andre Trigano, this C4 G tourer occupies a very special place. Indeed, he purchased this car in memory of the exodus at the beginning of World War II. He had to leave Paris with his family to get to the South of France, making the journey in a C4 G tourer. Having broken down just next to Toulouse, the overloaded vehicle then gave way to a B14, before it was recovered. The trip had taken place in the company of a future star from French cinema and music, Serge Reggiani.

The tourer on offer has had an earlier restoration, the paint is slightly cracked in places and the hood is in good working order. The rear panel can be opened and the hood raised, to facilitate loading. This car belongs to the last of C4s, the letters "MFP" (moteur "Floating Power") reflecting the "floating engine" concept, meaning that it is fixed on flexible mounts that allowed the engine to vibrate freely, resulting in a smoother operation. This device was extensively exploited by André Citroën in the company's advertising, especially with the slogan: "A gentle and silent drive, like a swan gliding on water."
This tourer is equipped with a radiator cap with water temperature gauge and a bumper with two blades, which on this model were part of the standard equipment. The odometer shows 34,203 km and the car does not lack pace, thanks to its low windshield. This is an interesting example of the last C4 series produced.

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