1920 Citroen


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    Convertible / Roadster
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French title
Chassis # 2593

- A rare Type A, the very first Citroën
- In good condition
- In the Trigano collection since 1972
- No reserve

When he decided to go into the car manufacturing business, in the aftermath of World War I, André Citroën dreamt of providing this brand new means of transportation available to the greatest number of people. The realization of this idea was through the creation of a popular small car, which must be a mass-produced car in order to reach reasonable production costs. The design was entrusted to the engineer Jules Salomon and the result was a simple car to manufacture, use and maintain, a bit like Henry Ford with his Model T. However, the 10 HP Type A was not missing out in elegance either, a cornerstone of the arising car manufacturer, and it was powered by an inline four-cylinder of 1327cc developing 18bhp. This car met great success and set up the basis for Citroën to progress to the B2, and later on to every model, including its ultimate descendants today perpetuate the name of the creator of the brand.

This Citroën Type A was purchased in 1972 by André Trigano, when it was in the Haute-Garonne department, a neighboring region to Ariege, since 1955! It is an earlier restoration and the blue paint is slightly cracked in certain area. The firewall has been replaced and the hood redone, which is in a good condition. The upholstery has also been restored, in red, and the dashboard is complete, even though the speedometer is not working. This car is an important milestone for the brand and for Andre Trigano's collection of which it is the oldest car. This is a rare and historically very interesting model.

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