1939 Citroen 11CV


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    Convertible / Roadster
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French title
Chassis n° 149701
Engine n° AP09906

- Rare and very attractive version
- Exceptional history
- Stunning presentation
- No reserve

First presented to major Citroën dealers in March 1934 as a saloon model, the '7 series A' range soon expanded to include two other versions, named "faux-cabriolet "and "roadster" by Citroën. In time, the latter would be called a " cabriolet " as it offered a level of comfort more in keeping with this type of body, rather than the more spartan character of a genuine roadster. With a spider body at the rear accommodating two extra passengers, this was a highly attractive vehicle, presenting all the road-going qualities of the Traction in a beautifully styled car that, being convertible, offered a superior driving experience to that of the saloon. The version 11B, with a wide body, had the added benefit of extra space with room for three in the front. The appeal of the Traction cabriolet has resulted in the creation of replicas, making genuine examples rare and highly desirable.

Within André Trigano's collection, the Traction 11 B cabriolet holds a very special place, being the model that triggered his passion for the Citroën marque, during the Second World War. After his family fled to the South of France in a C4 torpedo, when he was fourteen years old, André Trigano joined the Resistance. At the end of the conflict, he found himself in the presence of a Citroën Traction 11 CV cabriolet: " It was registered in Belgium and had been abandoned in a hotel garage, where it remained. It was a magnificent car, used by the FTP during the Liberation; it had been driven by the highest ranking officials, while I contented myself with a 402 that didn't move... " The sight of this cabriolet had a lasting effect on him, attracting him to the double chevron marque.

And so, some years later, he spotted a Traction 11 B cabriolet like the one he had fallen in love with. He set off in search of the owner and discovered him to be pharmacist from Foix, by the name of Magnol, who had acquired this beautiful cabriolet new. Hidden away during the war, the car had avoided the requisition notes of both occupiers and liberators, as well as an attempted theft. Magnol warmed to Trigano and designated him the beneficiary of the convertible on his death, which is how the car came to be in the Trigano Collection in 1978. Today, the odometer reads 23 264 km that, according to its owner, is correct, as Mr Magnol only drove his car very occasionally.
Since that time, the cabriolet has been completely restored by André Trigano's team. The floors and sills have been renewed and the mechanical elements restored. The car is painted black, complemented by Pilote flat-spoked wheels in red. It has been re-upholstered in red leather, the same colour as the dashboard, giving the interior an original and welcoming appeal. A different steering wheel adds a touch of embellishment.
For André Trigano, the Traction 11 cabriolet was the " most successful Citroën ever produced." From someone so passionate about the marque, this is no small compliment. Adding to its aesthetic success, this particular cabriolet offers a wonderful history, great rarity and superb presentation, making it one of the most desirable Citroëns, either for regular use or to complete a collection.

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