1953 Cisitalia 505

DF Ghia


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Cisitalia 505 DF Ghia LHD - 1953

We are quite confident that our classic cars friends and customers once more raise an eyebrow when they will see this Cisitalia 505 appear
on our website. Yet another rarity in our classic car collection!
One of only 10 examples made and, from the 2 examples still known to survive, the only one in full functional condition.

Cisitalia was founded immediately after WW2 by Piero Dusio, an amateur racing driver who earned his fortune with his textile company.
The 1947 Cisitalia 202 Coupé with coachwork by Pinin Farina immediately became an icon sportscar and design benchmark, combining the
rarely seen mix of advanced technology with modern design.

In the early fifties, Cisitalia had developed excellent contacts worldwide with the best engineering companies and car designers. The new 505 was based on
an improved Fiat 1900 chassis and drivetrain and was considered as a very early example of pure personal luxury cars.
The stunningly clean design was in fact a compendium from ideas authored by Ghia Torino employed designers Michelotti, Boano father and Boano son and Savonuzzi and the designers from Virgil Exner's US studio.
Thunderbird, Riviera, Hawk, Grand Prix, Charger, Monte Carlo... you name all of them and they are unmistakingly present in the 505' spirit.

Presented at the 1953 Geneva salon this classy, sleek and elegant Cisitalia 505 coupé was the perfect car for the then-current Concours d'Elegance show circuit.
Also the 505's technology, based on the Fiat 1900 platform, was state of the art. Fiat's 1901 cc engine was uprated using a modified alloy cilinderhead and twin Weber 34 DR 6 carburettors on a Cisitalia manifold. Furthermore the camshaft, pistons and exhaust system were upgraded much like those on the Abarth cars of the same period. The 4-speed gearbox was fitted with an overdrive unit. Power jumped to 80-85 HP at 5.500 revs enabeling this 505 to reach easily 160 Km/h. To stop, alloy finned drum brakes were fitted.

From the 10 produced, chassis number 0209 is the only one restored and operational.
Immediately after the Torino Motorshow, this Cisitalia 505 was delivered in July 1953 to noted race car driver Fritz Stolz of Pesseux in Switzerland where the car remained with a couple of successive owners until 1989 after which this Cisitalia moved to 2 long term and 1 short time owners in Germany. One of these commissioned a no-expense spared restoration from D&D Classic Automobile in Ohio - USA which costed more than 230,000 USD. No wonder that upon completion this Cisitalia won Best Restored Car honours at the 2014 Schloss Bensberg Concours in Germany.

A future new owner of this sole 505 survivor of the revered Italian make Cisitalia has a couple of very diverse options to stand out. Just enjoy as a very select sports-saloon, exhibit at any of the prestigeous concours d'elegance's organised or even enter this rare Fiat 1900 derivate into the Mille Miglia. The future just looks very bright at the wheel of this fabulous Cisitalia 505!

Price: 268.000 Euro