1929 C.G.V. P24



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French registration
Chassis # 1043
Engine No. 117

- One of the oldest commercial vehicles
- Vehicle in amazing original condition
- Originality guaranteed!

" Compagnie Générale des Voitures ", Paris, comes from " Compagnie Impériale des Voitures de Paris ", created by Napoleon III, whose purpose was to manufacture horse-drawn taxis. When the time came for the internal combustion engine, the company persisted in this specialization and construction of taxis, which was its main activity. Given the success of its taxis (thousands of them were produced), CGV diversified into manufacturing commercial vehicles for the transport of goods too.
This is precisely the case of this proposed model, a frame-type P24 with a broad rear compartment which is partially draped in wood, as is the floor. Nice detail, it can be accessed directly from the cockpit through a small door located on the right side of the cabin, so you do not necessarily need to go outside. The vehicle was sold new to a carpenter and it remained in the same family since its delivery before being bought by a collector who carefully restarted the car.
It comes in a very good original condition and is equipped with all woodwork and its vintage accessories. The body is in red, the wings, the frame and the roof are painted black. The upholstery is in black moleskin. This charming van has a beautiful side-valve engine that has a displacement of 2640cc, and is equipped with a sump cast in aluminum. It should be noted that this engine makes it particularly interesting insofar as the CGV, after using a 4-cylinder Clement Bayard engine till 1909, switched to using Renault twins, a power that was much lower than that of the mechanicals installed in this vehicle. The vehicle is extremely healthy and is in good working condition, the head gasket has just been redone. A book will be delivered to the purchaser which details all the work that has been done in recent years.