1953 Cadillac Series 62


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US title
Chassis n° 536232440

- Johnny Hallyday's custom Cadillac
- Unique model
- Prepared by the King of Custom, Boyd Coddington
- Charity lot with no buyer's premium
- No reserve
- Sold by Johnny Hallyday in aid of the charity 'La Bonne Etoile'

In 2008, Johnny Hallyday had just had a hot-rod created in the style of a 1930s Ford, complete with Big-Block, by Boyd Coddington.
Coddington is the biggest name in the hot-rod world. A world that he revolutionized. A widely recognised figure in his Hawaiian shirt and generous beard, he became famous for the television programme he presented on the Discovery Channel in the US and later in France: American Hot Rod 2. One of Coddington's students was Chip Foose, who built custom cars for ZZ Top for example.
While strolling down Sunset Boulevard one day, Hallyday spotted this Cadillac 62 up for sale with a second-hand car dealer. It looked original, if a little dilapidated, and radiated the inimitable charm of 1950s American cars. Hallyday fell in love immediately, bought it from the dealer for 70 000 USD, and drove it home. A few days later, the car broke down, and he asked Jean Basselin to take it to Boyd Coddington to be repaired. Boyd proposed a project that would completely transform the Cadillac into a dream machine in the purest traditions of American post-war custom cars.
The Cadillac was duly dismantled, part by part. It was given a Chevrolet Corvette 502 fuel injection engine, 700 Transmission, reinforced chassis by Morrison, interior hand-made by Coddington's upholsterer, Gabe, embroidered with the initials JH on the seats, and chrome-work by Sherm. The body was totally rebuilt down to the last details by Bernt Karlsson. The bumpers were redesigned, and the headlights fitted with a modern electric system. It was given a special livery in Coddington's workshop, painted in cobalt blue with Ghost flames. The transformation of this superb and totally unique custom car took over 400 hours.
Johnny Hallyday collected his car in 2010 and has since driven it regularly around Los Angeles. There are numerous photographs of the Cadillac on the city's main roads and on the route to Malibu and Hollywood Boulevard. In 2012 the photographer Dimitri Coste took a series of shots of the star with his Cadillac. These famous photos appeared on Hallyday's 48th album, L'Attente. Last June, during a trip to Los Angeles, Matthieu Lamoure had the privilege of driving this car on the Pacific Coast Highway and the streets of Pacific Palisades. " It's like a new car. The sound of its V8 is mesmerising, invading your body with an intoxicating blues rhythm. It is complete with the most up-to-date equipment and high-performance stereo system, concealed behind the central ventilation grille on the dashboard ".

This Cadillac is unique. It belongs to Johnny Hallyday, one of the last true rock stars on the planet and the biggest star in France. The man who rises above fashion, the man we have grown up with and the man who fills the biggest stadiums. He is also the most generous: the entire sum raised by the sale of this car will go to the charity La Bonne Etoile, co-chaired by his wife Laeticia Hallyday. With this Cadillac, you will become part of rock'n'roll history!

Johnny Hallyday has recorded more than 1000 songs, sold over 110 million albums, and for 60 years he has transcended fashions and musical trends, thanks to his great talent, his inimitable voice, his generosity, his steadfast integrity and his unrelenting love for his public.
To describe Johnny Hallyday without speaking of his passion for two and four-wheeled machines would be missing out an integral part of the man. He has owned a string of beautiful automobiles during his life, including a Ferrari 250 California Spider, a Lamborghini Miura, an AC Cobra, an Aston Martin DB6, a Ferrari 275, a Bizzarrini as well as a Ford Mustang that he drove in the Monte-Carlo Rally for Ford France. And let's not forget the hundreds of motorbikes that have been a part of his life, in particular the Harley Davidsons that he owned and has ridden across the United States and around France.
This year, Johnny Hallyday has decided to sell his Cadillac 53, the car that he had fully customized by the American King of Custom, Boyd Coddington. This car has never left the US and will be presented exclusively and for the first time in France on the Artcurial Motorcars stand this year. Alongside it will be his Harley Davidson Softail Springer, one of his favourite bikes that he has owned for 28 years.
Johnny has chosen to sell these two extraordinary vehicles in aid of the charity La Bonne Etoile, co-chaired by his wife Laeticia Hallyday.

La Bonne Etoile is a non-profit organisation founded in January 2012. Its mission is to support children and adolescents, often orphans, who have been abandoned, suffering from illness or physical handicap; initially in Vietnam, and ultimately extending to other parts of the world. The organisation offers these young people decent living conditions by giving them access to care, schooling and vocational training in a protective environment, by building schools, rehabilitating orphanages and providing emergency food aid.
Many projects have already been undertaken. The Ba Bi2 orphanage and school constructed in Hanoi in 2014 now provides year-round accommodation for nearly 100 children. In 2015, a second school was built and is run by teachers funded by the charity. A large number of school desks have been acquired. The Bonne Etoile plans to continue work on the second school by providing the necessary equipment, and would like to send money for medicine, and extra salary for the teachers. In France, in partnership with the association La Voix de l'Enfant, La Bonne Etoile is committed to alleviating the suffering of children who are victims of abuse, through financing hearing rooms in hospitals, to take statements from vulnerable children who are victims of violence and/or abuse.

Johnny has never sold anything at auction before. We are thrilled that he has chosen Artcurial Motorcars and would like to thank him for his trust and his generosity.
Today, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy a motorbike and a car belonging to one of the biggest stars in rock history, all for a good cause.

No buyer's commission will be levied by Artcurial Motorcars on these two vehicles. The full amount raised in the auction will be paid to the charity.