1995 Bugatti EB 110


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French title
Chassis n° ZA9BB02E0RCD39017
Engine n° 0103

- Exceptional history and provenance
- Delivered with a second brand new engine
- Ice speed record car in 1995
- Very low mileage (1 373 km)
- Exceptionally rare and powerful car

The development of four-wheel drive supercars gave Gildo Pallanca Pastor, amateur racing driver, CEO of Venturi and member of the wealthy entrepreneurial Monegasque Pastor family, the idea of breaking the ice speed record.
The initial plan was to use a Porsche Turbo, but the attempt was finally made in this Bugatti EB110 SS, bought new from the factory. Prepared in Italy (which principally involved adapting the gearing and adding ballast of 270 kg), the car was taken to a 7 km track in Finland, near the city of Oulu. On 3 March 1995, fitted with regular production tyres, without spikes, Gildo Pallanca Pastor achieved a speed of 315 km/h, ultimately homologated by the FIA at 296,34 km/h. This record stood for some time and was only beaten in March 2013 by an Audi RS6.
During an interview on 2 May 2013 with the Monaco Hebdo, Gildo Pallanca Pastor said : " It was 3 March 1995 Oulu, in Finland, on the frozen sea. I reached a top speed of 315 km/h on tyres without spikes. It was a pretty crazy record as I could see waves at the end of the track. The greatest challenge was to avoid ending up in the water. I had it all. Reindeer crossing the track for example...In any case, the Finns were intrigued to see a Monagesque go faster than them on the ice... "

It is this record-breaking car that we are presenting today. It is one of some 31 examples of the Bugatti EB110 SS built. First appearing in 1992, this model was lighter and more powerful, producing some 603 bhp at 8 250 rpm. It was capable of a top speed of 355 km/h and travelled from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.26 seconds. A more exclusive car than the McLaren F1, with a comparable performance, it was easy to use with four-wheel drive and a V12 3.5-litre engine with four turbochargers.

Presented in perfect condition, this ice record-breaking car is likely to have had a layer of paint added in the Monaco Racing Team workshop a few years ago. There are a few incidental marks to the paintwork on the door openings and front bumper. The coachwork sports Michelin and Elf stickers, both sponsors of Gildo Pastor for his record attempt. The interior presents no wear at all and the leather, carpets and seals are immaculate. The engine compartment is also extremely clean. With a French title and new technical inspection (MOT), this car is simply outstanding. Items to be delivered with the car include : a made to measure cover, the four wheels, echoing those of the Bugatti Royale, that were used to break the world record ! A second engine on a palette (B110-01-003) will accompany the car along with the service book and factory record !

Very attached to this car, Gildo Pallanca Pastor kept it carefully for many years in Monaco, before selling it last year to another marque enthusiast. This Bugatti EB110 SS, with the odometer recording just 1 373 km, is in good running order and will be serviced before the sale. Last September the car was driven to, and exhibited at, the 32rd Bugatti Festival at the Jesuits' park in Molsheim. Since then it has been used regularly by its second owner on the roads in Alsace.
An exceptional lot, this car is a testament to the early period of hypercars and the race for power and speed that ensued. With such a performance and so few miles on the clock, this rare machine also boasts a history as a record-breaking car.