1931 Bucciali


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    Convertible / Roadster
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Belgian title
Chassis # 2928241

- One-off
- Fantastic design, dramatic look
- An accessible dream

This exceptional body is the realization of the dream of a truly passionate collector. It was triggered off by the discovery of the photos of a convertible Bucciali TAV 30, exhibited in the 1931 and the 1932 editions of the Paris Motor Show, at the Grand Palais. He completely fell in love with this exceptional car. These rare photos were published in the excellent book by Christian Huet on Bucciali cars, published in 2004.

Before going any further, a little history is in order. This enigmatic brand bears the name of Paul-Albert Bucciali, who often managed to realize his wildest of dreams. In 1930, he designed a body that had all the elements of drama and seduction: long hood, lowered chassis, low-profile windows and very large wheels, like those of the Bugatti Royale. The original curve of the front fender hugged the wheel to extend horizontally back to the height of the chassis. The sides of the long hood were visually cleaned up to receive a large "arrow-like stork", like the one he had used on his fighter plane, a Spa 26, one of the six squadrons of these Storks from World War I. After preparing the drawings in the Bucciali workshop at Courbevoie, the "project" was entrusted to the famous coachbuilder Saoutchik. The body was built on the old chassis TAV 2 of 1928, which was stripped of all its mechanicals. This was a car specifically for the motor show, designed to find a buyer, who would then be able to finance the production of the new S chassis and the gearbox of the TAV 3. A buyer actually came through in 1931, but he wanted a sedan body and not a convertible! For this beautiful convertible, there was no buyer at all, so it was destroyed in The making of this ambitious project was entrusted to the Bonnefoy workshop, in Cher, which fabricated the frame members by extending and modifying the Cord chassis, by developing the suspension system and the steering linkages to fit the larger wheels that were specially made for this prototype. Though based on a wooden frame, the body is made of sheet steel, while the hood, doors and trunk lid are in aluminum. The owner, with the Bonnefoy workshop, customized the achievement, by changing the color of the bodywork and of the storks and adding a rear boot. Completed in 2013, the result was most impressive and car was specially exhibited at the Retromobile Salon of 2014, where the car starred. This outstanding achievement was the subject of a compliance certificate issued by the Bucciali brand and this certificate will be given to the buyer too.

Once a dream has been fulfilled, it usually fades away with time, giving way to another. This is the reason the current owner is putting his dream Bucciali-Cord on sale. Just four authentic Buccialis remain in the world today; therefore, this spectacular car is a very unique opportunity to acquire the only official copy which is both impressive and unrivaled.