1929 Ballot RH3



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Chassis # 6211
French title

Our 8-cylinder Ballot is an extremely rare and interesting car. Historically, it was in Marseille that it was sold new July 3, 1929 to a certain Mr. Mollaret. It was an HR type. This explains perfectly that our chassis was bodied locally by the Montel establishments. December 29, 1932, our chassis is again received by the Department of Mines after modification by the plant in RH3. It is Mr. Gautruche, also from Marseille, who is the second owner. Before or during the war, it was abandoned in a hotel near Lyon in Lozanne. It was June 7, 1966 that Mr. Descubes bought, the car still carried its first registration Marseille. The car is then largely complete and well preserved. The choice of Mr. Mollaret focused on a superb sedan type Weymann. The main advantage of a flexible body is obviously its weight that does not affect the performance of the chassis. The design of this body is a fantastic balance. It has a very long hood that moves the windshield away on the chassis. The ratio window height to door height is advantageous and makes the line slender. This body is closer to the Gangloff sedan on chassis Rolls Royce Phantom II that we sold in 2006. The design of the wings is classic and very successful. A removable trunk allows you to travel with your belongings. Inside, the dashboard is very complete with counter, rev counter, watch, oil pressure, fuel level and ammeter. It is a simple sedan without the driver separation, it is a rather family car and not at all formal. The owner will undertake a long and tedious restoration that will take him until 1976. He used the car regularly and in 1995 will carry out a repair of the engine. He will also carry out reliability work including: improving the oil circulation and increase the flow of the oil pump. The cylinder head is modified to accept unleaded gasoline. Since this repair, the engine has traveled 2000 km. It should be noted that when the car was discovered, there was a spare wheel in the back. The hood was less overloaded and looked even longer. It was during the restoration that two spare wheels were positioned in the front fenders. Among the users of this model, we find the famous man of letters and painter Maurice Vlaminck. Speed enthusiast, he used it a lot and at high speed. In an interview, talking about his Ballot, he says: ‘’This morning, I had breakfast in Bordeaux 500 km from home, I took six hours to return. I look at the odometer of my car, it marks 45000 km. A little more of the turn of the earth in a few months. The earth has become too small, far too small! The 8-cylinder Ballot is undoubtedly a high-class car for connoisseurs or connoisseurs’’. A Nerd is very close to a Hispano Suiza, both have a motor with camshaft in their heads. If the Hispano has a higher engine capacity, Our Ballot has two more cylinders. This is an absolute rarity, very few copies are known to have survived.

This sedan is light and incredibly elegant. After spending 46 years in the hands of the same passionate, it was acquired in 2012 by its current owner, a pre-war car enthusiast, who kept it as had been left by Mr. Descubes.