1964 Autobianchi Bianchina



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    Convertible / Roadster
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• One of the "Dolce Vita" cars from the 1960s.
• Powered with 650cc engine kit
• Original license plates, ASI certified
• Equipped with its original engine parts
Born on the basis of the Bianchina Trasformabile 3rd series and with 500D mechanics, the Convertible was a real treasure of Autobianchi production in the 60s. Introduced as the "smallest production convertible in the world" at the Geneva Motor Show in 1960, it immediately established itself as a luxury, high-priced utility car aimed at a wealthy clientele.
After a cold welcome from the public due to its high price, the Convertible was soon appreciated as it was chosen by the celebrities who crowded the French Riviera and the Ligurian Riviera in summer. In spite of the 25 kg heavy bodywork due to the necessary stiffening, thanks to its 105 km top speed it was also ideal for long transfers. This little Bianchina immediately became a style icon appreciated for its charisma and elegance. It became one of the symbols of the summers of the 60s.
This Convertible of 1964, painted in the colour of Celeste Chiaro - light blue- is a second series and is equipped with its Alessandria second registration plates and the original registration book. Professionally restored, enhanced with a 650cc engine kit and ASI license plate, it is now an excellent car for the careful collector who wants to relive the magic of the 60s.