1957 Austin-Healey 100


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    6 090 km / 3 785 mi
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Engine No. BN 4L S - 43754
Displacement 2.639 cc
Cylinder 6-in-line
Gearbox: Manual 4 speed
Max speed: 179 kph
Odometer reading: 3784 miles

The History
The 100/6 is a car produced by the BMC (British Motor Company) between 1953 and 1958 and marketed under the Austin-Healey brand. Born from an intuition of Donald Healey and presented at the London Motor Show in 1952, it was immediately liked by the BMC executives, who thus decided to start production.
The mechanics were that of the Austin A90, a large two-door sedan with a 4-cylinder in-line of 2660 cm³ of 90 HP and a 3-speed manual gearbox plus overdrive. The name 100 indicated the maximum speed that could be reached, 100 miles per hour (about 160 km / h).
The 100 BN1 was built until 1956, when it was replaced by the BN2, with a new 4-speed gearbox; the rest, however, remained unchanged.
A more boosted version was available (the 100 M) with a 110 hp engine. Also worth mentioning is the 100 S, with aluminum bodywork and engine further enhanced to 132 HP, of which only 50 examples were built. In 1955 the M version was made, with several modifications to the engine to increase its power from 90 to 110 hp. This version had a locked engine hood with leather straps with more air intakes than the other models.
In 1956 the 100-6 was presented, with a new 6-cylinder in-line engine of 2639 cm³ and 102 HP, derived from that of the Austin A90 Westminster. There are two versions: the BN4 2 + 2 and the BN6 with two seats. Both remained in the catalog until 1958, replaced by the Austin-Healey 3000. In 1956, the 100-6 was introduced, with a new in-line 6-cylinder engine of 2639 cm³ and 102 hp, derived from that of the Austin A90 Westminster. Two versions: the BN4 2+2 and the two-seater BN6.
Both remained in the catalogue until 1958, replaced by the Austin-Healey 3000.

Our Austin Healey 100/6
The previous car owner recently completed a conservative restoration which involved the complete repainting of the bodywork and the restoration of the interior to its original condition.
This Austin Healey is presented without any traces of rust and with chrome in excellent condition, in its original light blue metallic and very British white livery, and the chromed spoke wheels and single nut fixing.

Other works carried out on the car include:
- Engine overhaul
- New front and rear bumpers
- Replacement of the soft top
The internal instrumentation also works perfectly with the original three-spoke steering wheel.

Model of excellent collectible value, destined to at least maintain its current price unchanged in the medium term.
In view of its recent restoration, this Healey will certainly be appreciated for its ease of driving wherever it goes, ideal for all enthusiasts who wish to enjoy the pleasures of an iconic 1950s British spider.

The car is visible in the "Brescia Classic Car" showroom, in Brescia.