1955 Austin-Healey 100 / 4

BN2, multiple concours winner


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    Convertible / Roadster
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- If only the very best is good enough
- Multiple concours winner
- Restored by English concours enthusiast as it’s 4th. and best Healey
- Engine overhauled and balanced by well known Healey specialist Dennis Welch
- Mille Miglia eligible
- Eye to attention is absolute unique

One of the truly great sports cars of the 1950s, the Austin-Healey was a case of the right car at the right time.

Before the 100 LeMans, before the Healey 100S, there was simply the Austin-Healey 100, but what an amazing car it proved to be. The result of a partnership signed in 1952 between the head of BMC, Leonard Lord, and successful automotive engineer Donald Healey, the ‘100’ – so named for its top-speed capability – was unveiled at the 1952 Earl’s Court Motor Show as a more sporting alternative to the rather stodgy Austin A90 Atlantic convertible.

The Austin-Healey 100-4 BN1 and BN2 Series cars are considered the “original” Austin-Healey.

Between the 2 series, the main difference was the adoption of the 4speed gearbox with overdrive in the BN2 models.

In the late summer of 1955, an updated model dubbed the Austin-Healey and it was named the 100 BN2.

Visually, it was distinguished by beefier front wheel arches, and many left the Longbridge factory with two-tone paint.

A four-speed manual with overdrive and a revised rear axle ratio provided the BN2 with more spirited performance.


We have seen and owned quite a lot of Austin Healey’s because we really appreciate these cars.

The looks as well as the driving experience is easy to describe with 1 word. GREAT!

We have had used cars as well as restored cars. Nicely restored cars and better restored cars but we never ever saw an Austin Healey which has been so impressively restored as this example.

This Austin Healey was built on the 29th of September 1955. It was delivered in the US and purchased in a to-restore condition by an English gentlemen from Longton, Preston.

The gentlemen is a well known concours enthusiast who rebuilt four concours Austin Heaeleys and one MGB.

This Austin Healey 100/4 BN2 was bought with the intention to restore the car to compete at International level in Concours Competitions.

The restoration was carried out on a very impressive high level resulting in a car which won every concours which was attended.

The car comes with a restoration overview in pictures and it is almost unbelievable that a car can be restored on such a high level. The costs have exceeded by far the value of the car but the result is absolutely amazing.

Not only the looks are fabulous with this car, the technical aspects have also been all restored and the engine is even fully rebuilt and balanced by well known Healey specialist Dennis Welch.


Condition wise we can be very short in our description as the Austin Healey is absolutely unique and superb condition wise.

When the car was restored a meticulous attention was paid to the accuracy of the panel fi, especially to equal the door, bonnet and boot gaps.

Every exterior part on the Austin Healey is in concours condition. The paint, the chrome, the doorfittings, really everything.


The interior of the Austin Healey is like the exterior. Impressively restored.

The car is restored with a lot of attention to details and the restorer wanted to retain the originality. This resulted in the source of parts from America, Germany, Austria and many other countries but the result is absolutely visible.


The Austin-Healey 100 is a highly versatile sports car equally suitable for pleasurable touring or the occasional gentle motor sports event.

Indeed, this Healey can be easily transformed from a tourer into a racer by folding down the windscreen to increase the top speed. It is a relative simple car to drive and handles extremely well, but if the accelerator pedal is floored, turns into a veritable ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’.

The easy-to-fit soft-top can be erected quickly whenever it starts to rain, while the relative large boot makes the car ideal for weekend tours.

Add to the mix sublime looks – particularly with the screen folded flat – and you have one of the most beautiful and desirable of classic British sports cars.

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