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- A desirable ORIGINAL left hand drive example of the most wanted DB2 version, the MKIII.
- Superb looking due to it’s wonderful color combination and the race look specification
- An enormous amount of money invested during a restoration in Holland some years ago.
- The DB Mark III has a reputation for reliability, outstanding road-holding and performance

‘The DB Mark III is not a cheap car, actually at the time it was 1 of the most expensive cars available but it has built up a reputation for reliability, outstanding road-holding and performance. These latest changes will consolidate its position as one of the world’s outstanding sports models.’ – Autocar, October 1957.

Although it never featured in a James Bond movie, having ceased production years before the franchise commenced, the DB Mark III nevertheless was the Aston Martin driven by ‘007’ in Ian Fleming’s novel, ‘Goldfinger’. It was also the last Aston Martin produced with the W O Bentley-designed six-cylinder engine.

Externally the most obvious change of the MKIII was the adoption of a DB3S-style grille, establishing the ‘hallmark’ look of subsequent Aston Martins, which had been drawn up by Tickford designer, Bert Thickpenny.

This restyled nose give the car a more imposing look, while the interior boasted a redesigned dashboard with instruments grouped in a cowled panel ahead of the driver.

The 3.0-litre engine benefited from an extensive redesign by Tadek Marek (newly arrived from Austin) and featured, among other improvements, a stiffer block, stronger crankshaft and a new cylinder head with bigger valves. 162bhp was available with the single-pipe exhaust system, 178bhp with the optional twin-pipe version.

Despite the inevitable weight increase, the Mark III was faster than any of its predecessors.


This Aston Martin DB2/4 MKIII has been newly delivered to a gentlemen in Los Angeles, called Robert C. Grark via dealer Satori who received the car at the 9th of October 1957.

Satori delivered the Aston 1 year after it was ordered. At the the 2nd of December 1958

This car is a very rare ORIGINAL Left Hand Drive example. Figures are not exactly known but approximately 70 examples have been made in left hand drive version.

In 1979 the Aston Martin changed hands and was purchased by a foreign car repair shop in San Francisco.

The repair shop owned the car as far as we could found out in the history file till 1988 and drove approximately 2.000 miles.

It was then sold in 1988 to a gentlemen called mister Hart who owned the car for a long time.

It was bought in 2006 by a Belgium gentlemen who sold it to us in 2010.

We wanted to have the car in a very nice condition and brought the Aston to a body shop to carry out a body restoration as well as superb respray in our favourite color.

A serious amount of money was spend on the car to bring it in it’s current condition.

Due to a lack of time, the car came in the corner of our workshop and was not finished. A very good friend of us and classic car collector asked many times to buy the car and after some discussions we decided it was better to sell the car to him so that the entire car could be finished on his quality level.

As we knew his quality level was high the result would be astonishing.

He brought the Aston to a Dutch specialist where a lot of money was spend but the result is absolutely stunning.

Some special details have been added during the finalisation such as the black wheels and a stainless steel exhaust system which gives a superb sound.
It is off-course possible to change these wheels for chrome wire wheels if one prefers.


The condition of the exterior of the Aston is very beautiful. We don’t know many DB2’s which are in such a nice condition and we have seen many of these cars.

The body has been restored on a high level but amongst the paint, also the chrome and rubbers are in a very nicety superb condition.

On the left and right front wing the original Tickford badges are still present. A nice feature as these have mostly disappeared over the years and these badges are not easy to find anymore so extremely expensive.

The doorgaps are absolutely superb and almost as perfect as on a German classic car.

The look of the Aston is superb. The car is turning heads, not only because of the fantastic sound but also because of the color and the racy looks. We personally love this car.


The interior of the Aston Martin is also very attracting and in our opinion colorwise the best possible. The biscuit interior color suits the exterior color of the car very well.

The condition of the leather can be best described as almost new.

The dashboard, including the meters are looking superb and everything is in perfect working order.

The carpets are in perfect condition without any damages.


If a car looks very nice it mostly disappoints in driving. But this Aston is driving extremely well and handles amazing.

The car is very fast.

The car has a superb sound coming from the exhausts. The car has the optional double exhaust which means a serious increase in horsepower.

The engine has been exactly set at a roller bank and therefore runs very well.

The reaction on the gas is perfect and much better as most Aston’s.

This Aston really is one of a kind. The color combination combined with the wheels make this car extremely attracting. If we have people over in our showroom, they all walk to this Aston and tell us that it is an extremely nice car.

Driving the car is magnificent. The engine is so responsive and the sound of the car is very impressive.

We have had quite a lot of DB2’s but this is a really special example and the fact that it is originally Left Hand Drive makes it even more special!


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