1964 Amphicar Amphibious Car

DWM Type 770 cabriolet


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German title

- Rare amphibian model
- Lovely presentation, guaranteed fun
- Work carried out by German specialist
- No reserve

" Amphicar - The sports car that sails! " an advertisement claimed in the early 1960s...This fun motor car with batrachian features, built in Germany, was one of a very small number amphibian passenger cars produced. It was powered by a 1,147cc Triumph engine that allowed the vehicle to reach 125 km/h on the road and 8 knots in the water.

The example on offer, in complete working order, belonged to an advertising agency between 1976 and 1977, who used it as a promotional vehicle. In 1982 it was completely restored and sold to an enthusiast living in Hofheim, in Germany. Two years later, it was bought by a BMW dealer from Lampertheim, and the restoration project was taken over by Bernhard Schatt, considered to be the " guru " of amphibian cars in Germany. The car was then put on display before being sold to a driving instructor Mr Gärtner, from Ludwigshafen. It has been in the hands of its current owner since 1992, who carried out a thorough service of the car when he bought it. Since then, it has been carefully maintained, both cosmetically and mechanically. Today, this Amphicar is presented ready to take to the road or to navigate a slow-flowing river or lake, for the delight of its passengers and the amazement of anyone looking on !