1972 Renault Alpine


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French title
Chassis n° 18226

- Genuine competition-client car built by the factory
- Interesting and continuous history
- Raced widely by Bob Wolleck and victories in the Tour Auto Classic with Jean Ragnotti

Liveried in "La Défense Mondiale" colours, this car is almost more famous for its exploits in historic racing, driven by Jean Ragnotti, than for its period racing results. However they were impressive, with a 14th place in the 1973 Monte Carlo Rally car driven by Bob Wolleck and Pierre Thimonier. This Type 1600 VC Alpine berlinetta was completed on 29 November 1972, one of seven "client competition" versions sold by the factory at the end of 1972 to selected clients. This particular car was destined for M. J.M. Aubry, the director of an insurance company, and his name appeared on the coachwork. Not to be confused with the " standard " client competition cars, this example was equipped with a Mignolet 1860 engine and 364-01 gearbox, with rally pinons.
The Alpine's first event was the Monte Carlo Rally and Wolleck finished 14th despite a couple of minor "off-road" excursions. Wolleck achieved some good results in other events in the pretty berlinetta, (Ronde de Serre Chevalier - 7th, Ronde de Chamonix - 19th, Neige et Glace - retired, Lyon-Charbonnières - 6th) before Aubry decided to part with it. After the Monte Carlo Rally, the car was fitted with " pagoda " wings to allow the use of new, removable Gotti 073R wheels. It sold mid-1973 to Mr Villeneuve who took part in various hill climb events, and then passed to Mr Enjolras, followed by Mr Guillou who kept the car for six seasons. Following a stay in Orleans, the car joined the collection of Monsieur Stievenart, publisher of the magazine Compte-Tours. The current owner acquired the car in 1990 and restored it to its original livery. It is equipped with an 1860 engine built during the 1990s by Jean-Claude Savoye, from North of France, using special new parts, that produces an estimated 175 bhp. Since then, the car has participated widely in historic racing events, with the owner as co-driver, including the 1990 Tour Auto with Bernard Darniche and the Circuit des Remparts. Driven by Jean Ragnotti since 2001, it has achieved scratch wins in the Tour Auto Classic on several occasions, and in 2013 in the Critérium des Cévennes. This well-known Alpine presents a unique opportunity to buy a genuine competition-client berlinetta with its original body and a clear and impressive history.

Bibliography :
- Mille Miles, Alpine Magazine, Cover n° 64 January 2008, feature page 16-23
- Echappement classic, Cover n°40 - December 2013, feature on the victory in 2013 Critérium des Cévennes VHC page 40-44

Dates Epreuves N. Equipages Résultats
19/27-01-1973 Rallye de Monte Carlo 36 Wollek/Thimonier 14ème
27/28-01-1973 Ronde de Serre Chevalier 11 Wollek 7ème
3/4-02-1973 Ronde de Chamonix - Wollek 19ème
24/25-02-1973 Rallye Neige et Glaces - Wollek Abandon
9/11-03-1973 Rallye Lyon-Charbonières - Wollek/Guénard 6ème
2004 Tour de France Auto - Ragnotti/Mercier 2nd
2006 Tour de France Auto - Ragnotti/Mercier 1er Gr. H
2007 Rallye d'Automne, Charente maritime - Ragnotti/Mercier 1er
2007 Tour de France Auto - Ragnotti/Mercier 1er Gr. H
2009 Rallye d'Automne, Charente maritime - Ragnotti/Mercier 1er
2010 Rallye d'Automne, Charente maritime - Ragnotti/Mercier 3ème
2010 Tour de France Auto - Ragnotti/Mercier 2nd
2011 Tour de France Auto - Ragnotti/Mercier 2nd
2012 Rallye d'Automne, Charent maritime - Ragnotti/Mercier 1er
2013 Critérium des Cévennes VHC - Ragnotti/Mercier 1er