1986 Alfa Romeo Tipo

Arna Saloon


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    ZAR 920A0005053310
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Italian registration
Chassis # ZAR 920A0005053310

- Excellent original condition
- Unusual Model
- Witness to a particular page in the history of Alfa Romeo

The launch of the Volkswagen Golf and the success it met took other manufacturers by surprise. Some had models under development and they were able to respond quickly, whereas others had greater difficulty in developing something similar. The car that was to succeed the Alfasud was not yet ready, so Alfa Romeo got into an agreement with Nissan to produce Pulsar powered by the Alfasud's mechanicals and sold under the brand name of Arna. Its angular line and lift-up tailgate were up to date, and the four-cylinder boxer brought along its specific Italian personality. This model, was improved by an anti-corrosion treatment, therefore had a major advantage over the Alfasud, a car notorious for its easy rusting proclivities.
Having left the factory on April 23, 1985, this Alfa Romeo Arna was delivered to San Dona di Piave, in Venice, Italy. Its original colour was a "Bianco Capodimonte", a white colour which was retained when the car received a new coat of paint. Our car is a 1.2-litre five doors version. An extremely healthy, this car is in good original condition and it is likely that the mileage indicated by the meter - 50139km - corresponds to the actual total covered since the car was new. The gray cloth interior is very neat too. The Arna is a typical utility car so it is rare to find one in such a condition. An interesting witness to a special page in the history of Alfa Romeo, the car is perfectly representative of the style of the 1980s, plus the charm of Alfa mechanicals in an unusual body.

The cars in this collection are all offered without contôle technique (MOT). New legislation prevents us from obtaining an MOT for a vehicle that is not registered in France.