1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal


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Italian title

- In excellent original condition
- Desirable color combination
- A timeless design

For the International Expo of Montreal in 1967, Alfa Romeo was commissioned to showcase a car that would represent the "symbol of the greatest aspiration that man can realize regarding automobiles." The answer was the two prototypes designed by Marcello Gandini of Bertone, called the "Montreal" for the occasion. Three years later, when it launched production, Alfa Romeo decided to set up a powerful engine in the engine bay, in keeping with the car's more upmarket image: the redoubtable engine of the Type 33 race car, which developed 230bhp from its 2.6-liter engine, 88.5bhp per liter of displacement, better than Ferrari's V8!
This beautiful Montreal was delivered new in Italy with the air conditioning in its livery of "marron glac‚" or a metallic light brown, certainly the most elegant color for this model. It is in excellent original condition, never damaged and without any corrosion. It is rare to find a Montreal in this condition, but it does confirm a meticulous maintenance schedule and smooth use. Its interior is in beige fabric, with light brown carpets, all in excellent condition. Mechanically, the clutch has just been changed, and the engine is in good working order. The Montreal remains a true collector car, powerful, balanced with a strong image and distinctively sporty.