1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Sprint Zagato 2


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1962 ALFA ROMEO Sprint Zagato Coda Tronca

• Sold new in Italy to Count Ottorino Volonterio
• #216 is the penultimate of the 44 SZ2 Coda Tronca produced
• Vehicle largely preserved in its original condition
• Period fracing history
• Unquestionable chain of ownership

The Sprint Zagato is the ultimate sporting development of Alfa Romeo's legendary Giulietta. Featuring Zagato's signature lightweight bodywork and specially prepared engines, these cars were an immediate success in the world's greatest races. Amazingly fast (over 120 Mph for a 1300cc !), much lighter than any other Giulietta variant, the SZ2 was also more powerful thanks to its high-compression engine, more aggressive cams and a careful tuning. The cars were quite expensive due to the 300 hours it took Zagato to build the bodies, based on Alfa Romeo chassis. Just over 200 were built, the last 44 of which were a shortened long tail design "Coda Tronca" example.

Sold new in Italy to Count and driver Ottorino VOLONTERIO, known for having raced a Maserati 250F, this car took part in many races of the Italian championship from 1962 to 1967.
Volonterio let the front of the car being modified, as seen on many period pictures included in the file. In 1967, the car was sold to America, where it had a few owners.
One of them, Ed WITTWORTH, kept the car for 17 years and restored it back to its original specs, including the front. It has also been part of an important Alfa Romeo collection,
and was sold to Anthony and Lulu WANG who also kept the car for 17 years until 2007 where it change hand in the US
The previous owner bought it in 2011, and entered it in a few competitions like the Tour Auto. It has finally been sold to the current owner, a true connoisseur in 2015
It has always been cherished, well cared and maintained, and a specialist in Paris has restored the engine in 2015.
All owners are known and the file is incredible:
1962-1967 Count Ottorino Volonterio Locarno Italy
1967-1970 William Rosasco Carmel Calif
1970-1987 Ed Whitworth Pacific Grove Calif
1987-1989 Said Marouf La Jolla Calif
1989-2007 Tony and Lulu Wang Lloyd Harbor NY
2007-2011 Frank Allocca Chester NJ
2011-2015 Jean Marc Krief France
2015- today Actual owner France

Period race with VOLONTERIO
• 1963
August : Coppa Inter Europa #18
November : Coppa FISA 8th
• 1964
April Imola 8th
• 1965
April GP Imola #42 10th
April Coppa inter-europa #23 7th
Octob Pries von tirol
• 1966
October Preis Von Tirol

This car is a real part of Alfa’s history, eligible to the most important motoring events worldwide, and and would be one of only 17 surviving examples of the model.
This is an extremely rare opportunity to acquire the ultimate Giulietta. A pleasure to drive, the SZ II is capable, nimble, and represents the fastest, rarest, and most exotic development of the Giulietta.
This example is in the perfect shape to use and enjoy, and has been capably set up and maintained to ensure that it is ready to use and enjoy.