1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta



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  • Chassis number 
    AR 1488.23680
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  • Drive 
  • Condition 
    Original Condition
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Italian registration
Chassis # AR 1488.23680
Engine No. AR 1315.73746

- In good condition
- One owner till 2000
- First version of the Giulietta saloon

A rare case in the history of the car, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta saloon was released in 1955, after the coupe version, the famous Giulietta Sprint, had been launched. This new car contributed to the renewal of Alfa Romeo during the postwar period thanks to its modern monocoque and its light alloy DOHC engine whose displacement, which gave the car a very reasonable consumption, without sacrificing performance. Cheaper than the Alfa 1900, the Giulietta was more accessible to a larger number of users and helped Alfa Romeo to transform itself into a large scale car manufacturer.
This car (a Tipo 750 C) is in very sound and original condition. Having left the factory on March 23, 1959 and sold on April 28 of the same year in Noto, near Syracuse, in Sicily, the car remained in the hands of the same owner since new, till 2000, who made sure that the car was maintenance properly and the use was careful. Most importantly, the state says it all: the chrome is well preserved and, inside, the cloth upholstery is in original condition. The odometer shows 47,981km, the engine compartment is in a good state and the car is in working condition. This is the first series saloon, with small oblong tail lamps and rounded rear fenders that gives it a delightfully outdated look. It still displays the strong personality of the model though, with its dual camshaft engine developing 53bhp at 5500rpm. In this version, the production was less than 30,000 units and cars surviving in good condition are very rare. This is what makes this on a particularly attractive example.

The cars in this collection are all offered without contôle technique (MOT). New legislation prevents us from obtaining an MOT for a vehicle that is not registered in France.