1949 Alfa Romeo 6C

2500 SS Cabriolet, Pininfarina, Matching Numbers and Colour


  • Year of manufacture 
  • Car type 
    Convertible / Roadster
  • Drive 
  • Condition 
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  • Number of doors 
  • Number of seats 
  • Location
  • Exterior colour 
  • Gearbox 
  • Drivetrain 
  • Fuel type 


Originales Spitzenexemplar. Sehr aufwendig restauriert. Ohne Rücksicht auf Kosten. Ursprüngliche Auslieferung in 1949 nach Belgien. Matching Numbers, Matching Colour !! In den Alfa „Bibeln“ Angelo Anselmi's, Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 und Morlacchi, Salvetti's Alfa Romeo 6C 2300-2500 ist das Fahrzeug mit Fahrgestellnummer etc aufgeführt. Preis auf Anfrage, sowie weitere Auskünfte. Alles Dokumentiert. Mille Miglia tauglich !

Here is some more information:

The Alfa was first delivered and registered in Belgium and had probably  2 active owners, after which it came to a collector, where it stood for 25-30 years. Afterwards, a collector bought it again, from which I was finally able to buy the car because he already owned another 6C.
When I took the car over, it was painted in blue. Some layers of paint were removed and it turned out that the vehicle was originally dark red. We then painted the original color on the restored vehicle to have it in the original delivery condition. NOT Cheap ! Mille Miglia suitable

Nut and Bold restoration by renowned Specialist only
The body restauration was made by one of the best body constructors in Italy:
Carrozzeria Menini Sas
via Varesina, 123
22079 Villa Guardia (Como)
The engine and the transmission from the well-known engine specialist:
Autosport di Ostano & Zanone
Via Cascinette, 59
13894 Gaglianico
This company is the world's best known and the best engine specialist for Lancia Stratos. Our Alfa 6C engine was certainly restored in the best possible and caring way.