1961 Alfa Romeo 2000



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The in 1960 presented "big Sprint" was the gentleman-driver answer to the "little Sprint" Giulietta and the later Giulia GT.
All 3 Sprints were designed by Bertone, the 2000 Sprint with the distinctive signature of the young Giorgetto Giugiaro, who at that time resided with stylinghouse Bertone.
Only 704 examples were produced, the Spider by Touring being the flagship (3.443 examples) of the 2000 range. This makes the Alfa Romeo 2000 Sprint, with the typical 4 cilinder 2.0 liter twin overhead cam engine (115 HP) coupled to a 5-speed gearbox, today an interesting and sought-after sportscar for collectors of Italian sportscoupés.
Our 2000 Sprint in Bianco Antico lived her whole life in the Veneto region of Italy. It is a very well cared for example wearing still the black VI (Vicenza) numberplates.
My Alfa Romeo friends in the area pointed this 2000 Sprint out to me and proposed to treat the sportscoupé to a mechanical and cosmetic refurbishment.
In a specialist Alfa Romeo classic car workshop the engine was totally rebuild, the clutch renewed, the suspensions and brakes overhauled. At the same time a new exhaust was installed and the instruments revised and cleaned.
Finally this 2000 Sprint was also treated to a fresh total paintjob in the original Biancho Antico.
This comfortable Alfa Romeo 2000 Sprint would be perfect to use as an everyday classic for a gentleman who loves fast motoring pleasures in a rare Italian thoroughbred sportscoupé, without having to break the bank.
You should be interested...!
Offered with Alfa Romeo Classiche Certificato di Origine, which confirms the 100% corectness (matching numbers and colors) of this 2000 Sprint.