1953 Alfa Romeo 1900



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    AR 1900.06186
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Italian registration
Chassis # AR 1900.06186
Engine # 1306.06200

- In beautiful condition
- Renewal of the Alfa Romeo range
- Original 1900 engine with strong sporting personality

Brown in colour with dark beige cloth interior, this Alfa Romeo 1900 offers a presentation of rare quality. It's older restoration has beautifully withstood the ravages of time and only shows even minor defects, reflecting the use and the "life" of this very interesting car. From the archives of Alfa Romeo we know that it left the factory on August 30, 1953 and was delivered on September 15 at Rivarolo Canavese, near Turin, Italy. The body colour was a poetic "bigio scuro". The car is still equipped with its original engine.
The odometer shows 37,034km and the engine compartment is spotless. The 1900 engine has its own particular configuration, halfway between the prewar mechanics and the final configuration of the famous "double overhead" of the Giulietta , Giulia, and their derivatives. Thus, a water pipe passes under the housing that connects the two camshaft covers, which is unusual. This engine has a Weber carburetor that emits a hoarse and sporty sound, recalling its distinguished career in competition. The car comes accompanied with an ASI certificate and the original libretto, which reveals that the car's had seven owners before reaching the garage of our collector. His mechanic told us that the brakes had been serviced (drums and reconditioned master cylinder, the shoes relined) and the fuel tank and the carburetor have also been the subject of a thorough check.
This rare Alfa Romeo 1900, modern due to its monocoque structure and its alloy engine, encapsulates the revival of the brand after the war. It is particularly interesting in such a beautiful state.

The cars in this collection are all offered without contôle technique (MOT). New legislation prevents us from obtaining an MOT for a vehicle that is not registered in France.