1956 AC Bristol


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French title
Chassis No. BEX 211
Engine No. 100D 533

- High-quality restoration, "matching numbers"
- Eligible in all major historical events
- The perfect English roadster
- Coming from the collection of an enthusiast from South of France

The car on sale is an export model as shown by the last two letters of the serial number (EX), and a certificate dated from 1989 from the AC factory confirms that it was ordered new by Foreign Cars in Detroit, USA, by an American diplomat living in England. It was painted in Oxford Blue then, as it is now, but the upholstery was black. It was certainly delivered on the old continent as the car later participated in some club races in England before being imported to the US, where it continued to be used on the East Coast. The car was in Pennsylvania kept away by the owner for his son, who was to return from Vietnam, but the son never came back… The car's second owner, a certain Bertram Y. Welsh from Washington kept the car till 1978. The car was then sold to a Mr Reckers so that he could participate in historic events, and prepared for this purpose but ultimately saw only road use. The colour then was an Old English white. The crankshaft was replaced by a new one and the damper replaced by a more modern "Fluidamp." All moving parts had Magnaflux passed through and the car after a first restoration ultimately was put to use only for the road. Then the car stood on the blocks for nine years and was sold in 2005 to a demanding collector, an avid Bugatti enthusiast, who undertook the current high quality restoration according to the rules of art.
It is equipped with an oil cooler, a Kenlowe fan, Michelin X tyres, three air filters, Guilford Yokes cap and Solex carburetors. The electrical circuit is new and it comes with a battery cut-off. The upholstery is complete with a tonneau cover and removable side windows. An invoice file since 1977 comes with the car, as well as pictures of the restoration and copies of its title for the Belgian and the American ownership period. This AC Bristol, beautifully restored, is the archetype of the efficient and elegant British roadster, light, elegant line recalling the legendary Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta.